Day 9. Hospitality


[1] The magic of Chinese transportation.

The day turned to be just amazing!

After having lot of sleep and rest in a soft bed, I again felt the taste of life, which, although, I’ve never lost. Whole day in the road makes you feel, that sleep is the best and most logical end, and even stone will be for you the softest feather-bed, what to say about real big couch with pillows and blanket!

Already last evening before sleeping we agreed with the driver, that in the morning he will take me to the exit from the city, and that’s why I had to wake up earlier. So in ten minutes after awaking I was more or less peppy, loaded and was ready to go on the road.

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Day 7-8. Rain and Train


[1] Chinese train

The next morning met me with grey cloudy sky and small, but monotonous rain. I didn’t want to leave the bed — my head ached, whether of weather or of yesterday’s “Ganbei! Let’s drink more, cos I am happy!“.

But the time craftily whispered to me, that if I won’t wake up right now, then my possibility to use the hotel’s free breakfast ticket will be lost. And after putting on my clothes, I went to check if my companions already woke up, because I wanted to know about their plans.

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Day 6. Karaoke Kings


Hitchhike a car

The sixth day had began later than usual. Even though the previous day was very gruelling, in the evening I dived in the world wide web, absorbing as a sponge all the news about all events, which had happened during my trip. As a result I went to bed late, woke up late, and to do change something was also, right, late.
Till the night wounds on my legs became better, but still ached a lot. The red spots on the feet transformed into the corns, which hurt after every step. That why to trick my own injuries, after sealing them with a plaster, I put tight socks to press and fixate the plaster and to create kinda a pillow for my feet. The Achilles’ Heel of this plan was the temperature in China, which together with woollen socks created a miniature hell branch right in my shoes, but on that moment I didn’t had the better decision. Till the time I prepared there were already 11am on the clocks.

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Day 5. The Half

The fifth day in China became for me a kind of turning-point in my trip. Also I should say, that in this day I haven’t hitchhiked a lot, and though in certain moment I’d like that day finished as fast as possible, in the evening I was very grateful to such useful and interesting experience, which gave me a lot of good memories and new acquaintanceships.

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Long live autostop: Holidays in Switzerland

The advantage of living in the centre of the Europe — is the possibility to explore Europe even though the semester is in the midst. And also our dean gave us a free day on Monday because of the day of Independence of the Czech Republic ( October 28), so summary I had 5 days holidays, I and couldn’t just miss this great possibility.

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Long live autostop: Выходные в Швейцарии

Плюс нахождения в центре Европы — возможность эту самую Европу исследовать вдоль и поперёк даже тогда, когда учебный семестр в самом разгаре. А тут ещё и в университете декан объявил понедельник выходным, в честь дня независимости Чехии ( 28 октября), в сумме вышло целых 5 выходных, и такой возможностью было грех не воспользоваться.

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Day 4. Through the mountains and tunnels!

“I like the sound of tiredness”

Good morning, China!
I didn’t really want to wake up: in the morning mist became tighter, covering the field in which I slept with an impenetrable haze. Part of the mist settled on the grass, my backpack and sleeping bag, condensed there, “saying” that if I get out then I won’t stay dry as well. The sun hasn’t managed to break through the veil yet, and there were all indications that it won’t able to do this. Therefore, it was wet, chilly, dull and sleepily.
The motivation gave me trucks, which left the rest station, and I realized that the sooner I will go, the more cars I can try to stop.

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Day 3. In Gansu!

“Once, on the road I catch myself thinking, how I miss the smooth home morning: wake up, hugging my lover, leisurely go to the kitchen and, after making a fresh coffee, with great pleasure to have a cigarette on the balcony, breathing with a cool morning air. And after I understood — I had never had such morning.”

Chinese drivers

Chinese drivers

According to the zero feedback, it seems that nobody likes to read, so this time I will try another method: minimum text and  maximum photo.

早安, new day in China!
The place, which seemed last evening to be the best for spending the night, in the morning stopped to be such. Among the hills slowly rumbling crawled trucks, and in addition the wind increased, and I, who was at the very top, on all sides was blown by rough steppe dry wind. And though in a sleeping bag, hiding behind a makeshift wall from backpack was quite cozy, but Chinese roads won’t conquer themselves without me, so I should start moving.
However, there was a plus: I stayed at the border with Gansu near toll gates, and by the time I woke up, life there had already began. All I had to do was pack up, go down and charm them all.

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Day 2. To Gansu!

“That melons!”

The last time I so poor described the end of my day: got out from the car and  went to sleep, and it can give an impression, that this is just a normal and not worthwhile thing. But everything is exactly on the contrary — sleep, sleeping place and it searches are one of the most important parts during such trips, more over, sometimes one of the most memorable and special. Some people say that how you’ll celebrate the coming of New Year, so you’ll spend the rest of it. Almost the same with the sleep — it can inspire you ad give the power to move further, or there is a risk to close inside yourself and start to give up, sparing about the idea of your travelling.
To understand how it is? to sleep under the open sky, you should try to sleep under the open sky. Can say one thing for sure — this is exclusively and unforgettable, doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative experience :)
Happened so, that on the first night the driver took me to interchange, next to which there were no normal forest belt. Fair to say, that in China it is a difficult situation with forests, especially forests near cities and roads. If closer to the Centre and to the South situation is better, in the West the ground are not so good for trees, and the rest of them are used for manufacture purposes.
But there is one great feature – almost all of these interchanges in China are exactly the same and almost everywhere between the roads there is an “island” of greenery: sometimes bushes, sometimes trees; not viewed and closed off the road, the perfect to have a rest without disturbing anyone. So, just next to such island was I.
And this feeling, when you are lying under the open, dark sky, illuminated by light of the full moon, when the light falling on the crown of the tree, creates a living torn shadows on the grass and your body, and you physically feel them, like light flaps of finest tissue slide along my hand, moved by barely perceptible wind. And the stars. Sometimes it seems that these little distant points – the holes in the canvas through which with the invisible threads I linked to heaven, and once the tension will become so strong that the force of gravity will no longer have meaning, and once again raising up my hands to the sky, I will feel as it gets closer.

Touch the sky

Touch the sky

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Day 1. Direction — Taiwan!

It was with a great deal of silly relief that these people let us off the car at the corner of Ayth and Federal. Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.
Jack Kerouac “On the road”

 The sign on the board: Go to China through Russia and Kazakhstan

你好 to everyone!
I am starting very spontaneous, without any preparations, because  such beginning at least better than nothing. For a long time I wanted to describe my trips — as I found some people even liked to listen about them. Moreover it is a good idea to save my own memories for myself, because lot’s of them are disappearing in time and it’s hard to restore them later. And let it be an anthem to the whole mankind and to everything humaneness what it have :)
Till now the main barrier on my way to this diary were the leak of time and wish during my trips to make notes, and even more:  sometime I even didn’t want to take off my camera, not to miss the magic of the moment. That’s why nowadays I don’t have a big photo archive, but still have a lot of interesting things to remember about.
But during this summer, thankfully to one “lucky” circumstance,  I’ve lost an opportunity to make sketches of my trip and all what I had were just simple notepad and pen. And that was sign from above. So from that day the number of marks in my notepad started to grow, till it haven’t became that, what you can see now here.

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