Day 6. Karaoke Kings


Hitchhike a car

The sixth day had began later than usual. Even though the previous day was very gruelling, in the evening I dived in the world wide web, absorbing as a sponge all the news about all events, which had happened during my trip. As a result I went to bed late, woke up late, and to do change something was also, right, late.
Till the night wounds on my legs became better, but still ached a lot. The red spots on the feet transformed into the corns, which hurt after every step. That why to trick my own injuries, after sealing them with a plaster, I put tight socks to press and fixate the plaster and to create kinda a pillow for my feet. The Achilles’ Heel of this plan was the temperature in China, which together with woollen socks created a miniature hell branch right in my shoes, but on that moment I didn’t had the better decision. Till the time I prepared there were already 11am on the clocks.


The view from the hotel’s window

Shangluo wasn’t a big city, and fortunately it didn’t take me much time to go on the highway. In the daylight the city had lost a part of its magic, but even so the landscapes around were wonderful.
Every time when people saw me, foreigner, they smiled and tried to show their language skills: “Hello! How are you?”, and were very happy to hear in response “Wo hen hao, xiexie” (我很好,谢谢).
Also in that day I realised, that my lovely maps at that place didn’t show right my position, so I should walk only by the road signs. Probably the mapmaker just have no time to catch the temp of building new roads in China :)


The road to the highway


Hills and towers, which created an amazing atmosphere previous evening


Toll station, exit from the city


Still foggy




Tidy and nice road


I raised my hand and the first passing car stopped for me. The reward for my yesterday’s sufferings had came to me as a lovely couple, husband and wife, who didn’t went far, only 100km direction to Wuhan, but were very glad to help me.
By the way we talked a lot. The girl could understand English a little, so it was a little bit easier than in previous days. As I knew from them, they decided to leave there child (btw, I surprised a lot when the told, that their son is 8 years old — mother looked as 20 years old girl. Ah, this is all Chinese age magic!) with the granny, and organized for themselves a small honeymoon by going to Chengguan, 城关, a small city lost in the mountains.


And of course I didn’t miss the possibility to play ukulele

Word by word, they suggested me to join them for lunch, and promised to leave me back on the road later. They told, that very glad to meet “yangren” (foreigner) and that “tamen xihuan wo” (they like me). I couldn’t resist to this arguments and accepted them without thinking. Generally, I don’t like to think much, when it comes to food :)


36 years old. Can you believe? Me too



And for lunch we had tofu and meat, potato balls (Czechs, you are not the only one :) and mushrooms, liqueur and rice tea (the god’s drink).


Tofu and “krokety”


Glass after glass, piece by piece — stay with us at least for one day, have a rest. Even though I had a kind of tight timetable I decided that it is better not to miss the possibility to make good memories and new friends.



Unknown pink fruits



Forests! So big contrast with western Chinese fields and urbanised East.

They booked for me a big room in a hotel. The husband’s wife joked, that her husband like me so much, that ready to sleep with me in the same apartments :) So, the let me to have a rest till the evening and told, that I should be ready to feel how the famous Chinese karaoke looks like.


My little apartments.


The view from the hotel window




Traveller’s notes

The city during the night was very beautiful: thousands of lights, people having rest, walking, dancing, playing, eating — so natural and ease. Lightened houses, boards, bridges, everything bright, colourful and interesting.
After a small dinner: sweet bean porridge and Chinese hamburger, we went to KTV.
Chinese karaoke is very tolerant thing — here is no stage, where can go and sing any drunk man with no voice, raping the ears of the other visitors. Here every company will have it’s own room with big screen, sofa, table and soundproofing, in which will be suffer only their friends :)

We were brought a lot of beer and snacks:
— Usually I don’t drink much, but today here are my wife and you, and I am twice happy. That’s why I want to drink.

I get acquainted with famous Chinese music :)

And their old popular bands:

So it was. We sang a lot, they found in the list for me even one Russian singer called Vitas, which song I didn’t hesitate to sing :D And after I got a taste, and stopped only around midnight, after singing the last 3dg song.

When we went back to the hotel there were already no light in the city, streets were empty, as in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. Drizzled. But even so the city was awesome, in night haze, with dark silhouettes of the mountains on the horizon. And with inexpressible feeling of something secret and magical.

Good night, World.


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